Tech Experts

We’ll help you choose technologies, setup the right architecture, and leverage emerging tools and trends, all the while keeping the product vision intact.

Data Science
AI & Machine Learning

We engineer practical data-driven algorithms to power machine intelligence for startups by separating the AI hype from computational realities.

Data Science

Blockchain has changed the way the world looks at data...

Data Science
IoT & Connected devices

IoT is not a concept; it is a network of networks...

Data Science
Big Data

Big data technologies help you take control of your data...

Data Science
Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality goes far beyond games...

Data Science
Mobile & Wearables

Mobile and wearable technology is not just about quick notifications...

Data Science
DevOps & Infrastructure

DevOps and infrastructure automate redundant tasks...

Data Science

User experience of a product matters as much as the technology...

Data Science
Open Source

We use open source tools and technologies for building startup products...

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