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We use open source tools and technologies for building startup products. We believe in giving back to the open source community by investing our time, money, and people to create intellectual property that everyone can use. We contribute to existing open source projects and create new open source projects.

Hungry Hippos

A reliable storage system that sits behind Spark and optimizes query storage along with support for data sharding in multiple ways

Contributors: Debasish Ray Chawdhuri, Rajkishore

A backend framework that provides a generic interface and REST level 3 endpoints for SQL, NoSQL, and graph entities

Contributors: Mayank Agrawal, Ratnesh Singh Parihar, Hari Adhikari, Pratik Vakil, Ashish Sahoo, Anuj Rana, Ritesh Agarwal, Suresh dube

An integration Shell Script that sends Nagios alert notifications into a Slack channel.

Contributors: Aditya Doke

A testing channel between RedwoodHQ and Appium that allows drag-and-drop actions on a mobile app

Contributors: Sunny Tambi, Dinkar Kumar

A tool that counts the total children recursively for any Znode

Contributors: Abhishek Amralkar, Anshul Patel

A repository that has examples of integration of Riemann system with popular tools and frameworks

Contributors: Anshul Patel
Riemann-Jmx-Clj (Hopper)

A Clojure client that extracts JMX metrics from JVM and sends it to the Riemann system

Contributors: Abhishek Amralkar, Anshul Patel

A monitoring application that polls each Faucet port for statistics and dumps the flow table

Contributors: Harshad Mulmuley

A fix for the sumologic agent compatibility issues with chef11

Contributors: Mayank Gaikwad

A document with instructions to set a particular broker version while querying kafka with kafka cat

Contributors: Anshul Patel

A document that specifies how to display a country map using custom maps projection

Contributors: Anuj Rana

Fixes for multiple issues in Botkit, a developer tool and framework for building chat bots and custom integrations for messaging platforms.

Contributors: Nishant Chaturvedi
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