Dev Ops and Infra

Startups churn releases in quick time. DevOps and infrastructure automate redundant tasks that improve time to market and bring business agility. We help startups build flexible and reliable products that can seamlessly handle volume and functionality growth.

What we have Done

  • Multi Cloud infra setup

    Setup a hybrid cloud management system to achieve redundancy and high availability for an intelligent wireless network product.

  • Analytics for faster processing

    Handle 80 billion requests per day and reduced the servers from 1200 to 200 for a leading mobile advertising platform.

  • Cluster Managers and Containerization

    For a leading intelligent wireless network provider, handled zero downtime migration with five nines of traditional services running on their own servers to various microservices. Also provide state of the art monitoring by gathering server and application metrics.

Tools &Technologies

Meet theExpert

Abhishek AmralkarDevops Expert
  • Microservice architecture in Cloud
  • Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment
  • Automated Immutable and Idempotent Infrastructure Provisioning
  • Infrastructure security



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Automation of AMI Creation Using Packer



DevOps Engineer

Experience in designing and implementing the deployment pipeline for continuous delivery of code and configuration changes. Build and maintain Cloud agnostic framework and tools.

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