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We dream your dream to build technology products that disrupt the world.

How it allBegan

The Beginning

Pre-2003. Startups had just started outsourcing product development offshore. But the success stories were very few. Offshore vendors were trying to use processes designed for large IT outsourcing projects while working with startups. Nitin and Manjusha realized that there was a need for a new way of working designed solely for startups. In April 2003, Talentica came into being exactly for this purpose.

The Future

The "Talentica Way" is designed specifically for startups: with dedicated teams consisting of the brightest talent, we balance process and flexibility to meet the constantly changing needs of startups. Our passion for technology and focus on execution increases your chances of successful outcomes, user acquisition and path to profitability. Going forward, we aspire to become the number one company building products for startups.

Customer Speak

  • We see Talentica as a part of our Core engineering team. Despite I being from a non-engineering background, Citrus is known as a leader in delivering world-class tech products in payments. Thanks to Talentica for supporting us in the Citrus journey!

  • Vulcan is an exploratory team that demands an entrepreneurial spirit and product-focused engineering. Over the last year, Talentica has delivered exactly this. They not only receive product and technical feedback readily, but provide their expertise and opinions on the subject as well.

  • Talentica is a real partner in our success. Talentica has innovative, capable people who understand our inputs and deliver products that our customers are looking for. The design tool developed by them helped us offer a complete solution to our customers.

  • I am very impressed with the quality of Talentica's engineering and I would use the term Quality to describe Talentica. I have worked with many world-class teams in my career and Talentica comes very close to that.

  • Talentica has provided us the stability and quality on the engineering side. I can categorically state that Citrus would not have been successful without Talentica's deep involvement through our journey.



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