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  • Evaluating Webassembly Enabled Serverless Approach for Edge Computing
    By Pankaj Mendki- December 2020

    The edge computing ecosystem has been evolving in the last few years. There have been different...

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  • Blockchain
    Blockchain Based Full Privacy Preserving Public Procurement
    By Prem Baranwal- September 2020

    Public procurement is one of the government activities most prone to corruption, and e-procurement systems have...

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  • Blockchain
    Legally Binding Anonymous Multiparty Commitments on a Blockchain
    By Debasish Chawdhuri- August 2020

    In recent times, many blockchain solutions have been proposed for automatic electronic contracts on a blockchain....

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  • Blockchain
    A Fair and Anonymous Payment System for the Onion Relays
    By Debasish Chawdhuri- July 2020

    Tor, aka ‘The Onion Router’, is a protocol that allows anonymous browsing of the web in...

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  • Blockchain
    Blockchain Enabled IoT Edge Computing: Addressing Privacy, Security and other Challenges
    By Pankaj Mendki- June 2020

    We discussed Blockchain-enabled IoT edge computing in the earlier publication of this series, which allows any...

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  • Blockchain
    Acceptable Privacy for XAND Blockchain
    By Debasish Chawdhuri- October 2019

    Recently, the privacy of blockchain transactions has taken center stage. Privacy is an essential feature of...

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  • Patient Privacy and Ownership of Electronic Health Records on a Blockchain
    By Debasish Chawdhuri- July 2019

    Blockchain technology has found application outside of cryptocurrency in recent times. The development of patient-centric storage...

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  • Internet of Things
    Docker container based analytics at IoT edge Video analytics usecase
    By Pankaj Mendki- July 2019

    The number of internet connected devices is growing rapidly. It is getting difficult to gather and...

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  • Data Science
    Solving a Network of Sensors Problem using Gradient Descent
    By Ravindra Guntur- June 2019

    In this paper, Ravindra Guntur explains about Gradient Descent and how it can help in solving...

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