Dream your Dream

Dream your Dream

Successful startups need teams that live, breathe, and contribute to the product vision every day. We setup a dedicated team that is aligned to your success. You can focus on your business goals while we ensure:

  • Performance

    Delivery of features without detailed documentation and with minimal communication overhead

  • Innovation

    Better and newer ways to do things

  • Ownership

    A team that makes its own decisions based on the best interest of the product

Balance flux & discipline

Balance flux & discipline

Startups work in an environment of constant change. We respond to change, at the same time do things the right way. Our time-tested software development processes ensure:

  • Adaptability

    Handle last minute changes, yet track to long-term milestones

  • Design

    A scalable product that can accommodate unexpected extensions

  • Progress

    A healthy balance between adding new features, reducing technical debt and fixing product issues

Change as you grow

Change as you grow

Every startup phase brings a set of challenges that requires you to change the way you work. What works while bootstrapping may not work while scaling to millions of users. We adapt to these changes by tailoring:

  • Team Composition

    People best suited to your current lifecycle: full stack developers in the beginning Vs specialists at a later stage

  • Focus

    Emphasis on the right things at the right time: time to market in the beginning Vs robustness at a later stage

  • Process adherence

    Approach from a fluid process to a disciplined method as per the need: manual process in the beginning Vs automation at a later stage

Hire the Best

Hire the Best

We understand that startups look to solve unsolved problems. We strongly believe that this requires the best available talent. Our developers are experienced graduates from India’s top 20 engineering schools. Having the finest brains in the industry ensures:

  • Execution

    Doers who are well-equipped to solve unique problems in your product

  • Quality

    A first-time right product shipped with every release

  • Innovation

    New ideas that help you build a game-changing product

Learn Continuously

Learn Continuously

We invest time and efforts in learning new technologies before they become trends. Our R&D team plays a vital role in capability building with a systematic approach to learning and development and ensures:

  • Competitive edge

    Effective use of the latest tools and technologies to better your user experience, performance, and cost optimization