IoT and Connected Devices

IoT is not a concept; it is a network of networks. We help startups gather behaviour, activities and sensor-collected data from connected devices. We process this data to develop new services to give your product the competitive advantage.

What we have Done

  • IoT data processing pipeline

    Built a scalable and extensible IoT data processing pipeline for industrial IoT enabled machineries. This pipeline could process high volume of data received from multiple gateways and produce near real-time analytics.

  • Enhanced museum tour experience

    Built end to end application to associate audio/video content with museum objects using IoT tags. Retrieved the content associated with the museum object on end user devices for an indoor positioning and precise location mapping provider.

Tools &Technologies

Meet theExpert

Pankaj MendkiIoT Expert
  • Sensors and gateways
  • Short and long range wireless connectivity solutions
  • Secured and scalable data processing pipeline


White Paper

Indoor Positioning with BLE Beacons


Talentica addresses the top 4 problems faced in IoT implementation and provides solutions for all of them.

White Paper

Wi-Fi based Indoor Positioning System Using Smartphones



IoT Technologist

Expertise in the areas of integrated architectures involving sensors, IoT gateway, communication protocol, security and IoT cloud solutions.

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