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Decentralized Applications – Utilizing the Power of Blockchain Technology
By Prem Baranwal- 05 March 2019

A decentralized application (dapp, Dapp, dApp or DApp) is a computer application that runs on....

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App Development
App Store Connect API To Automate TestFlight Workflow
By Mahesh Kokate- 28 February 2019

TestFlight Most mobile application developers try to automate build sharing process as it is one....

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Using Custom Metrics for CloudWatch Monitoring
By Alok Patra- 06 February 2019

AWS can dig a crater in your pocket (if not you, then your client’s). Also,....

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Web Development
Journey from JSP to React JS SPA
By Raju Kumar Mishra- 22 January 2019

This guide is going to help you when migrating from JSP based web application to....

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App Development
Text Recognition using Firebase ML Kit for Android
By Ishant Kumar- 18 December 2018

Firebase ML Kit Introduction At Google I/O 2018, Google announced Firebase ML Kit, a part....

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Thought Leadership
PhD and Data Science: Challenges and Opportunities with Startups
By Ravindra Guntur- 12 December 2018

This article attempts to summarize potential expectation mismatches graduates with a PhD degree experience while....

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WebRTC – Basics of web real-time communication
By Farhan Ali Syed- 09 November 2018

WebRTC is a free open source standard for real-time, plugin-free video, audio and data communication....

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Performance Optimization of Spark-SQL
By Manish Zope- 29 October 2018

What is Spark and Spark SQL? Spark is an open source, scalable, massively parallel, an....

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App Development
Android life cycle aware components
By Rezwan Nabi- 01 October 2018

What is a life cycle aware component? A life cycle aware component is a component....

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