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Our in-depth reports on complex problems and their solutions.

  • Internet of Things
    Wi-Fi based Indoor Positioning System Using Smartphones
    By Suyash Gupta- March 2018

    This white paper proposes an efficient and reliable Wi-Fi real-time indoor positioning system using fingerprinting algorithm....

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  • Internet of Things
    Indoor Positioning with BLE Beacons
    By Uday Agarwal- September 2017

    Indoor positioning is huge. Why? Because we spend most of our time indoors, working, shopping, at...

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  • Big Data
    Hadoop Map Reduce Shuffle Phase Measurement
    By Narender Kumar- April 2016

    This white paper proposes that shuffle time in Hadoop can be reduced by using an SDN-enabled...

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  • Big Data
    Using the Lambda Architecture on a Big Data Platform to Improve Mobile Campaign Management
    By Sandesh Deshmane- April 2015

    The paper sheds light on the Lambda architecture- a combination of batch and real time processing...

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  • Data Science
    Sentiment Analysis – Movie reviews
    By Talentica- April 2011

    Sentiment Analysis is the method of extracting subjective information from any written content. In this paper,...

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  • Mobility
    Mobile Website Vs Mobile Apps
    By Talentica- January 2011

    Mobile is the new web. However between the two options of developing a mobile website or...

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  • Product Development
    Why Offshore product development Fails
    By Poushali Ganguly- March 2010

    Considering moving your product development offshore? Not sure if offshore development will work for you? You...

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