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Big data is not just Hadoop. It is Hadoop plus everything else that is required to deliver the data to the right place at the right time. Big data technologies help you take control of your data landscape. We help startups stay a step ahead of competition by gathering actionable insights for their users from every source of data.

What we have Done

  • Data Processing

    Produce real-time performance report for event data coming at a speed of 10 Million messages per second and batch-process 10TB of daily data to generate reports with 50+ dimensions for a leading mobile advertising platform.

  • Predictive Recommendations

    Process over 500 GB of router data log daily for an intelligent wireless network product. With the processed data, we detect anomaly patterns in user experience and help network admins identify issues in a single click.

  • Sentiment Analysis

    Process TB of social media conversations and understand the mood and sentiments of the users on a daily basis for a digital media company.

  • Data Crunching

    Crunch 40 TB data per day to generate real-time inventory forecasting for an ad mediation platform.

Tools &Technologies

Meet theExpert

Sandesh DeshmaneBig Data Expert
  • Big Data & Advanced Analytics
  • Ad Tech & Scale


White Paper

Hadoop Map Reduce Shuffle Phase Measurement

Case Study

Talentica helps a leading mobile advertising platform to increase revenue realization by leveraging big data.

White Paper

Using the Lambda Architecture on a Big Data Platform to Improve Mobile Campaign Management



Big Data Engineer

We are looking for an experienced Big Data Engineer who has a passion to build data products and systems.

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