Pune JS Meet -Talentica Chapter: Git Internals

This meetup aims to help you visualize what Git is, what exactly happens inside the local repository when you run different commands and how to avoid and recover from some non-trivial situations.


Talentica software Pvt.Ltd.office No. 501 Amar Megaplex, Above D-Mart, Baner Pune, 411045


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Abhishek Amralkar Shared Views on Onyx

The Pune Data Conference arranged a day-long event on Big Data Analytics. The event covered topics like AI/ ML, IoT, Hadoop Administration, and others. Our DevOps specialist, Abhishek Amralkar discussed ‘Onyx- Distributed Computation for the Cloud.’


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Abhishek Revealed Riemann’s Low Latency Practical Benefits

Abhishek, our DevOps Head, talked about Riemann at Clojured Berlin 2019 to point out its low latency benefits. Monitoring modern real-time distributed infrastructure is complex and expensive. But with Riemann, it becomes easier. He shared his experience of working with Reimann and how its low latency helped in getting real-time metrics from Distributed Systems.


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Talentica Engineers Shared Insights on Machine Learning

Talentica Software’s Machine Learning engineers presented their work on Fingerprinting Latent Structures at the 17th IEEE ICMLA 2018, Orlando, FL. For Question-Answering (QA) system, an algorithm is necessary to understand the articulation style of questions. But if it is based on Machine Learning (ML) then it would require a large number of example questions for training. For its effective practice, the right implementation of grammar and different articulation styles is essential.


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