Talentica Exhibiting at TechCrunch Disrupt SF

Talentica is happy to be one of the key exhibitors at TechCrunch Disrupt yet again.

About the Event:

TechCrunch Disrupt is the world’s biggest and most impactful tech startup conference, and this year, we’re upping the stakes even more. Taking place at Moscone West, Disrupt SF will feature the biggest names in tech, from Reid Hoffman to Kirsten Green to Dara Khosrowshahi.

Blog: AWS Batch Jobs

AWS Batch enables developers to easily and efficiently run hundreds of thousands of batch computing jobs on AWS. AWS Batch dynamically provisions the optimal quantity and type of compute resources (for example, CPU or memory optimized instances) based on the volume and specific resource requirements of the batch jobs submitted.

And we do it again!

According to an independent survey for Software 500 companies by Forbes, we are the 4th best company to work in 2018!


Continuous Integration and Deployment with AWS Code Services

Talentica software hosted a meetup on 3rd February, 2018. Participants dived deep into CI/CD pipeline use cases and its automation know-how. The agenda for the meetup was:

  • Automate Software build and release process using AWS services
  • Setup AWS CodeCommit for source control
  • Build and test code with AWS CodeBuild
  • Automate CI/CD process with AWS CodePipeline
  • Live Demo
  • Discussion
  • Q&A session

Talentica software Pvt.Ltd.office No. 501 Amar Megaplex, Above D-Mart,Baner Pune, 411045

Wi-Fi-based Indoor Positioning System Using Smartphones

Indoor positioning problem using Wi-Fi signal fingerprints can be viewed as a machine-learning task to be solved mathematically. This white paper proposes an efficient and reliable Wi-Fi real-time indoor positioning system using fingerprinting algorithm.