Analytics Insight Review Places Talentica Among Top 10 ML Companies

Analytics Insight has recently published a review of the top 10 Machine Learning companies, and there, they have included Talentica. The magazine is the world’s first print and digital publication on AI, Big Data, and Analytics. It used quality, performance, reliability, and ability as parameters for the study.

2021 Predictions: Powering Web 3.0, Lean AI, Post-COVID Business, and More

Predictions for 2021 is crucial for better strategies. The year 2020 has destabilized many things. For instance, industries and markets witnessed plummets in several sectors. Only a proper review of market needs and technological landscapes can help open up possibilities for startups.

In this article, Manjusha Madabushi discusses technological updates, market trajectories, and post-COVID scenarios. Such reviews will help in gauging the market before taking a decisive step.

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How Can Startups Make Machine Learning Models Production-Ready?

Manjusha Madabushi (CTO, Talentica) discusses common challenges growth-stage startups face to adopt machine learning. Machine learning (ML), if implemented well, can ensure success and raise the next round of funding. But startups need to overcome some specific hurdles first to make the implementation seamless.


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Blockchain-Based Full Privacy Preserving Public Procurement

Existing e-procurement/ auction systems face difficulties in ensuring bid privacy of the losing bidders and collusion between bidders and auctioneer. Prem Baranwal, at ICBC 2020, proposed a blockchain-based solution for such procurements. The process will eliminate auctioneers/ third-parties using secure multi-party computation (MPC).


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Does Your Startup Really Need Blockchain?

Blockchain is a buzzword now. Companies across verticals are now planning to incorporate it into their mainframe. Startups have also joined the bandwagon. But is it necessary?

Pankaj Mendki, in this article, takes a pragmatic route and discusses a decision tree to help startups make up their minds. They can analyze whether blockchain fits their business architecture or not. The article has some real-life use cases to make the process simpler.


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