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Talentica Software is a boutique software development company started by ex-IITB grads and industry veterans. It is a privately held company. The company is 16 years old and 400+ employees work exclusively for startups as Tech Partners taking them from a Series-A position to Series-B position and possible acquisition (for example Citrus Pay). We have built products for over 125 startups, most of them are based in the Bay Area or Europe. These startups come to us primarily because we know the issues that plague startup product development and the solutions for the same, thereby improving their success chances. Owing to the unique space we are in, we deal extensively with cutting edge technology. The data science team works under the purview of the Technology Excellence Group at Talentica Software. The goal of this team is to solve problems and build algorithms that are typically data driven. Hence, problems involving statistics, optimization, computer vision, machine learning, and natural language processing are of interest to this group.

We are looking to hire a Data Scientist with Computer Vision and Machine Learning experience.

Here is what we are looking for in prospective candidates: Mandatory

  • Has completed his/her PhD from one of the old IITs or IISc-Bangalore
  • Should have completed full-time PhD degree
  • Graduated from IIT or IISc or IIIT-Hyderabad or ISI-Kolkata with a Master’s degree
  • Should have at least one published full paper in CVPR or ECCV or ICML or NIPS
  • Excellent programming skills and must be able to implement complex algorithms in Python
  • Hands-on experience with use of standard image processing and machine learning libraries such as OpenCV, Tensorflow, Keras

Here is what we are looking for in prospective candidates: Good to have

  • Graduated from IIT-Bombay or IISc-Bangalore or IIT-Delhi
  • Not required for the current role but it is good to have worked with Mongo/Cassandra/PostgreSQL/Neo4J
  • Credited courses focused on linear algebra, stochastic models, pattern recognition, design and analysis of algorithms, machine learning
  • Interest in applications of computer vision algorithms for video, shape recognition, matching & retrieval


  • Should have worked in the industry for at least 2 years.
  • Should like to work in a startup environment.
  • Should be capable of converting theory to practice by reading relevant papers.
  • Should be capable of conceiving original ideas and coding them as working algorithms.

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