Data Science

Data is the new raw material for many businesses. More data is better, if you know what to do with it. The value lies in getting accurate answers, taking decisions based on what is actually happening, and predicting the next big trend. We help startups build data-driven algorithms to power machine intelligence within their products.

What we have Done

  • Predictive analysis

    Built machine learning algorithms on demographics and econometrics for a leading online real estate investment marketplace. The price prediction algorithms improved the bidding process and conversion rate of the offers to acquire properties with an 80% accuracy.

  • Natural language processing

    Built an event extraction engine that combined NLP pipeline with Machine Learning algorithms to classify events with an accuracy of more than 85%.

  • Image processing

    Built image processing algorithms to remove static image elements and improve test accuracy for a healthcare platform. With the structural analysis and shape descriptor techniques, we reduced the batch analysis time to ~5 mins and lowered the false positive cases to 2%.

  • BOTs

    Built a Slack bot that keeps track of To-Do's, meeting reminders, automatically connect users to meetings, or attend the meeting on a user's behalf, take notes and action items of a meeting discussion.

Tools &Technologies

Meet theExpert

Dr. Ravindra GunturData Scientist
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Data strategy
  • Predictive analytics and solutions
  • NLP


Case Study

Talentica helps a leading online real estate investment marketplace to rationalize the real estate investment decisions using data science.


Here is a brochure which talks about our expertise in Data Science.


Here is a blog which proposes a computational model that we refer to as “Data Fingerprinting”.



Data Scientist

Using analytical techniques, identify patterns and anomalies in data. Apply collective insights to derive predictive and analytic solutions.

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