Blockchain has changed the way the world looks at data transactions. Whether you are providing solutions for authentication or compliance, building cryptocurrency wallets, or launching your own ICO, you can leverage our blockchain expertise.

What we have Done

  • Validating Know Your Customer (KYC) data

    Built a wealth optimization platform that automates money management, transfers, payments and investments. The platform uses a blockchain distributed ledger for storing the KYC data. This can be used by other financial service providers to reduce the manual and cumbersome process of customer verification.

  • Cryptocurrency exchange

    We are working with a cryptocurrency exchange to build a multi-currency trading platform that will execute bids and asks directly between users. The platform will support trading between crypto and fiat currencies.


Meet theExpert

Hemant SachdevaBlockchain Expert
  • Cryptography
  • Distributed Computing
  • Scalability


Talentica builds a future-ready product using Blockchain for a banking service on app/cloud.


Blockchain Engineer

Experience in diverse consensus methods using Blockchain frameworks like Hyper ledger/Ethereum/other Blockchain technologies.

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