We help startups leverage potential of blockchain technology by assessing the real need of it rather than implementing it to catch attention.


  • Cryptocurrency

    Bitcoin - the first cryptocurrency was introduced as peer to peer electronic cash system. This was followed by launch of many Altcoins in the cryptocurrency market. These currencies are not stable currencies, the next possible trend is going to be stable cryptocurrencies. It is observed that the number of stable coins and volume of transactions are increasing steadily.

  • Smart Contracts and DApps

    Smart contract enabled programming capability to blockchain. Using smart contract it is possible to implement blockchain usescases in different domains. Smart contract and DApps (Decentralized applications) are essential tools to achieve web 3.0 and industry 4.0 evolution

  • Cryptography primitives - privacy

    Cryptography constitutes the fundamental element of blockchain network. Multiple cryptographic techniques are used to implement different features in blockchain like preserving transaction privacy, enforcing transaction atomicity etc. There are multiple interesting cryptography research areas which can contribute strengthening blockchain. Our team is actively working on some of these important areas.

  • Blockchain transaction scalability

    Blockchain generation 3.0 frameworks tried to address this problem, but scaling blockchain solution is still an open research problem. There are multiple techniques proposed for enhancing blockchain throughput. Blockchain 4.0 frameworks are developing multipronged approaches to resolve scaling challenges.


Technical Paper | June 25, 2019

Patient Privacy and Ownership of Electronic Health Records on a Blockchain (presented at ICBC 2019)

In this paper, we discuss a solution that enables patient-driven interoperability of medical records on a public blockchain while maintaining privacy using new cryptographic constructs and truly giving up control to the general public.

Case Study | September 12, 2017

Building future ready product with blockchain

Enabling a banking service on app/cloud that automates user wealth, expenses, payments, documents, and philanthropy

Technical Paper | March 15, 2019

Blockchain Enabled IoT Edge Computing (presented at ICBT 2019)

This paper proposes use of blockchain based decentralized application to enable IoT edge processing. It explains architectural components and overall solution for the usecase of video analytics at edge.

Blog | October 1, 2018

GoSig BFT Consensus Protocol for Blockchain Simplified

Blockchain BFT protocols provide a better way of achieving block consensus than the proof of work used in Bitcoin.

Blog | March 5, 2019

Decentralized Applications - Utilizing the Power of Blockchain Technology

A decentralized application (DApp) is a computer application that runs on a distributed computing system.

Blog | September 25, 2018

Why BFT protocols cannot have 1/3 dishonest parties

Any blockchain must organize the transactions in a linear order of the time of their execution, which may be different from their time of submission.

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Debasish Ray ChawdhuriBlockchain Expert
  • Cryptography
  • Distributed Computing
  • Scalability


Blockchain Engineer

Experience in diverse consensus methods using Blockchain frameworks like Hyper ledger/Ethereum/other Blockchain technologies.

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