Helping TailoredMail increase user engagement by 70%

TailoredMail is a simple, powerful one-stop email marketing solution used by thousands of companies worldwide.

They already had a successful product offering in the market. However they needed a host of features that could get them an edge over competition and distinct market leadership.

How we helped?

We helped TailoredMail build some incredible first-to-market features like

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    Mobile “App-Like” Landing Pages: : With up to 50% of emails now being viewed on a mobile device, the click-through-landing-page experience is critical.

    With TailoredMail, marketers can turn emails into mobile landing pages with finger-friendly, touch-and-swipe experience. This increases mobile engagement by 5X.

  • Social Engagement: We helped TailoredMail integrate with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and popular Search Engines. We developed a feature by which the application can help users post or tweet articles over a scheduled period of time.

    TailoredMail’s Facebook fan page app helps users show off the most recent newsletter, survey or poll along with a sign-up widget to add new subscribers. With TailoredMail, users can also track and analyze the user’s social engagement.

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    Integrations: To provide a centralized platform and keep the data in-sync, TailoredMail’s product needed to talk to various third party applications such as SalesForce & MS Dynamics CRM; web analytic systems such as Google Analytics, Omniture & WebTrends. It was important for the design to be such that integrations could be accomplished with minimal change in code.

    To be able to support such cutting-edge functionalities, we also helped TailoredMail shift the product framework from ASP to .Net 3.5.The product is now more maintainable, scalable and agile. The challenge was to ensure continued availability of the application to existing users while simultaneously migrating parts of it to the new technology.

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Results: A Successful Solution

Over the last five years, we have helped TailoredMail build many market first features such as Video-in-mail and Mobile Email Optimizer.

The product has now evolved into a highly sophisticated software that helps businesses create email programs, micro-websites and leverage social media to market their products. TailoredMail’s solution is used by leading companies such as Microsoft, Shell Chemicals, HP and Precor.

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